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Al Ghanekar is a stand-up comedian in the Maine comedy scene.

And he learned that if you are going to write a bio for your website,always write in the 3rd person to make yourself look like you'reimportant enough that someone else wrote your bio.

I...uhh...he started Stand Up in 2015.  Since then Al has performed all over New England, New York City, and different parts of the US.  He's opened for national headliners like Lenny Clarke, Jim Gaffigan, and Jerry Seinfeld. 


If you're even still reading...

below is the "whatever, why not?" section...
He was born Dallas, TX where all he did was drink baby
formula for 7 months before his parents moved.
The move from Texas had nothing to do with the baby formula consumption.

He grew up in Wilmington, DE, then from the age of 22 spent 8 years
in Washington, DC as an actor working in different independent films that
went nowhere, 1 counter espionage film that went somewhere, and different
government industrials meant for training purposes only, not to end up going anywhere.


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