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Al Ghanekar is a voice actor who wrote everything below in the 3rd person because that is what you're
supposed to do I guess...I mean...he guesses. 


His voice delivers a natural authority and confidence.  He can perform high energy recordings as well as gentle, compassionate ones.  He easily adapts to any script, however his voice is great for clients that want the listener to be filled with confidence but be educated by a polite voice.  Comedic scripts are another one of his strengths due to his job as a stand-up comic. 

He has a long history of performance in theater and film since the age of 15.  The VO services he provides are recordings for commercials, narrations, documentaries, audio booksand animations. But even if you want his voice for train station announcements, he'll do that too. 
Why not? 

Although born in the U.S., his roots are from the country of India, and his one contribution to the stereotype 
was 15 years of Tech Support.  Therefore, Al can read scripts containing technical jargon with a very human and comfortable delivery.

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